Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Week #55

Hello everyone,

I´m so very happy after a weekend so full of wonderful, unforgetable memories! This Saturday at 6pm I had the powerful experience of baptizing Chilo! Everything went great and when we got out of the water I asked him how he felt. He told me calm. Very calm and like a new person. I too felt a grand sense of peace and joy. I´m not a very good story teller but just know that that afternoon was extremely special and another witness to me that I am doing the work of the Lord. This is His church and I know it and feel it in every moment that I do His will. I will never forget the two years of full-time dedication as it has already impacted my life tremendously. I´m so happy to be a part of this down here in Mexico. 

Elder Leslie

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