Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, July 30, 2012

Week #90

Hey family!

Love you all and are really happy about the baptism of Silvia and her daughter Ana  Estepfani! 

Ill send pics later!

Elder Leslie!

Week #89


Well it was really great to hear the family even though I couldn´t understand very well in that dirty sweat box I was in that they call a phone booth. Hopefully, we dont ever have to repeat that situation haha. Yesterday was also great because we sang in the district conference and our investigadors Silvia and Ana Estepfani were able to come. We aren´t 100% sure but hopefully they both get baptized this saturday!  I`m doing great here in Arriaga and having fun with the new companion and the other two elders in our house. 

Elder Leslie
canker sore

Week #88

Hey guys,

I`m doing so great down here in Arriaga! My new companion Elder Ward is the bomb and my new asignation is pretty fun too because all the elders in our zone are cool. Elder Ward has 21 months in the mission, is from Sandy, UT, and has no idea what he wants to do after the mission. We are just had a blast this week eventhough is even hotter than Tapachula and the sun burns my skin with more burning force. Also, we live with two other elders in the house and one is straight out of the MTC new. His name is Elder Turner and he is funner too because when his mexican campanion Elder Grandados talks to him in spanish he will just respond in english. haha. Its funny cuz Elder Turner actually knows spanish pretty well. 

Apart from new missionary fun, we found some new investigators and they even made it to church! Her mom`s name is Silvia and her daughter`s is Ana Estefany. We first starting talking to the mom and then she tells us we need to meet her daughter and help her out cuz she is really rebelious..... we finally meet her on saturday and she is like the exact opposite of what her mom made us think. She has an awesome voice, likes to sing praises to God (even sang us one), had already read all the pamphlets we had left with her mom, and is excited to learn more, come more unto Christ. We passed by for them to go to church and they both were ready in skirts and everything and during fast and testimony meeting Ana Estefany pulls a Yackelin and Victoria. She bore a wonderful testimony in church! Elder Ward had never seen an investigator do this before and just looks at me stunned and say ``well that was cool``. I felt the spirit so strong and i know she did too. This is exactly what she needs because she still wasnt sure about baptism with her mom on the 19th but i think she has changed her mind a bit. She told us that she just had to bare her testimony because her heart was beating hard and felt strong impressed to just get up and testify.

Im doing awesome and am excited to talk to mom this sunday. It`ll be in the church building at 6:30 my time. i gave mom the number. 

Elder Leslie

Here are some cool pics. Thanks for waiting

Week #87


I literally have no time to write. Not my fault but got a bit shafted on time. I love you all and love the people I serve. Exciting times for me right now because today I got tranfers and Ill be heading off to Arriaga. Between Tapachula and Tapana. Also, I have been called as zone leader so this will be a new and interesting experience. I feel a bit underqualified but i know that there are no hard things for God so the trick will be aligning myself more with his infinite power. The Holy Ghost is the teacher, not me. I love you all.

Elder Leslie

Week #86

Just a short little note (as usual) because im short on time,

I´m still alive and doing fine. This week we changed houses and so that took a bit of time out of working and also we had an awesome conference with Elder Bednar, his wife, Elder Johnson (of the 70, area pres.), and mission pres. Cardenas of course. It was great! I learned so much and found out that Elder Bednar is hilarious! Someday later ill tell you all more about it. The part i liked most was when he told us that we are agents with agents and not objects. but that some people treat others as objects by forcing them to do what they want (satan´s plan). Also he told us not to ever play the Guess What´s in My Head game. Its when a teacher asks a question wanting a specific answer. Great experience.

Love Elder Leslie

Week #85

Hello Friends and Family,

This Sunday was great too! Yackelin (Recent Convert from March) gave a great talk in church on virtue and right after her friend Victoria was confirmed member of the church and received the Holy Ghost! Those two are such a great example for the ward, their, family and everyone around them. They are going to do great things in the church i just know it. Alejandro talked to the Bishop and had his interview to receive the priesthood. He goes to church every Sunday with his girlfriend. We also have another guy named Ivan that has already gone to church twice and hopefully he will be getting baptized the 28th. We´ll keep you updated. 

I know I´m here for a reason and right now am seeing some wonderful fruits of our work together. I´m excited to keep learning more things about life and apply the things I have already learned to be a more useful tool in God´s hands. 

Thanks for all the prayers and hope all is well. 

Elder Leslie

we're changing houses


Week #84

To whom this may concern:

Yesterday was a pretty special day at church. A less active guy named Osbaldo finally was able to make it to church with his whole family because he is changing jobs. This is awesome because his daughters just barely got baptized in march and they have a goal of being sealed in the temple. Also, another guy we just barely started teaching named, Ivan, came to church to and seemed to really like it. He has a baptismal date for the 19th and it´s looking like he might do it. Victoria didn´t get baptized just quite yet but will be having her baptismal service this saturday at 5pm. To our great surprise, this sunday being fast and testimony meeting......she went up to the pulpit and bore her testimony of happy she is to be a part of this church and how she knows  it´s true. She told everyone that she is getting baptized and is very happy and very sure about her decision. This made me smile so big and I felt the spirit so strong. What an example to everyone! She didn´t even seem nervous or anything. Guess what else? One of the counselors talked to Yackelin (recent convert of march) and asked her to give a talk this Sunday! WOW. She told us she is really excited about it and a tiny bit nervous. But we know she will do great!

The guy from the street that told us all about how he wants to be like the 2000 stripling warriors, Julio, is progressing really well. He asked why the prophets in the Book of Mormon aren´t in the Bible so we explained to him and he seemed to understand it really well. We asked him to read and pray about it and God would answer. Then, we asked him when he finds out if it´s all true what he would be willing to do. He said, well I guess i would have to change religions and join this church that has the records of the other prophets. Bingo! He understood it!   wow he is awesome. He accepted a baptismal date for the 28th, but first he said he will study more and pray more about it. Pray for him and his family please!

I´m good and working and working. I think we are going to play soccer today! This is gonna be fun.

Elder Leslie