Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, July 30, 2012

Week #70

Hello everyone!

Im doing absolutely great with my new awesome companion Elder Rodriguez! He was born in the church and sealed to his family but was baptized just 4 years ago. He brings a lot of excitement and great ideas! We are pumped to find people and baptize! This week we contacted a lot of people but with some new great ideas. We did a little free raffle thing where the person we contact picks a piece of paper that says what prize they win. the prizes are pamphlets, videos, and copies of the Book of Mormon. it was really fun and many people who normally would have said no, took interest and decided to participate. It was hilarious when they took out the papers that said ´´sorry. keep playing´´ We also shined peoples shoes in the street with our sign that read ´´finish the year with clean shoes! Free shoe shines!´´ Saturday we went around knocking on doors just to read people a scripture from the bible and with them a happy new years! Hey can someone ask kyle brown or his family about a survey they were doing up there in France. Id sure love to check it out and maybe use that idea too!  Get it to me by next monday Thanks!

im happy and feeling sick :-) Hopefully ill be better soon but no worries i can still keep working. 

Love Elder Leslie

ps I just downloaded the hymns in english so my companion can practice his english during language study time! :-)

hard work

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