Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, July 30, 2012

Week #62

Dear all,

Yesterday was district conference and Presidente Cardenas arrived! I knew what that meant.... my packages! My loving mother had told she sent packages but i had no idea i was going to receive 7!  and of course letters. I got an electric razor, umbrella, food, and christmas presents! we opened all the christmas presents last night eventhough my mom told me not too........ just kidding mom. dont worry im being good and waiting. However i´m seeing a potential problem. If there are transfers next week i really dont know how im going to haul them all to my next area. ive been here a long time and i hope He leaves me at least one more transfer so i can have Christmas in Tapana!  In a letter a got from Kendra, she told me that my friends Cameron & Troy that went to Poland are now companions.... i´m going to slap them for being companions when i get back to BYU. haha. 

We are working hard and have found a few very interested people. If they progress I´ll tell you more about them but im really excited and hope they make it to church. It´s very rare to find to people living together, married, that don´t drink. Also...... one of their kids is a runner. Runner?! ya that confused me too. i didnt know people ran down here. But apparently so. Pray for us to teach with more convincing power so that people can obtain eternal joy with our Heavenly Father some day!

Thanks for all the prayers and support,

Elder Leslie

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