Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, July 30, 2012

Week #71


This week we saw sounds fruits from last week´s different activities and many contacts. We are teaching someone named Elvia Flores and she is really excited and is reading the Book of Mormon. We invited her to baptism in the first lesson and she accepted. Not only that but she also told us how she wants her whole family to listen too! Her daughter has two little girls and seems real nice too. We are going to do all possible this week so that they all make it to church. Yesterday, Elvia couldn´t because she was in Guatemala since Friday visiting her other daughter, I think. However, when we ``coincidentally´´ saw her in the street last night she told us she has been reading the Book of Mormon! We have been bringing the Relief Society President and her daughter to acompanion us in the lessons so that when they come this sunday they already have a few friends to sit with. There is another lady named Julia that we found but we´ll see how she progresses. 

We bought a soccerball, so in the morning we are running to the church (like 5 blocks south of the house) and go jogging and shooting around. Im also gonna bring my frisbee to toss. Something to change up the monotonous morning excerises and have a little fun while we´re at it. 

Thanks for the survey! I´m definitely going to try and use it. If not this week, definitely in the one after. Thanks Kyle! If there are any other Kyle tips or activities you want to send my way go right ahead. :-)

I´m out for now, but know that I´m doing great, tired, but having some fun with Elder Rodriguez.


Elder Leslie

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