Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Week #52

To whom this may concern:

Well, I´m not sure if you all knew this but there are 52 weeks in a year and this is my 52nd weekly email...... so this Thursday I will complete one year in the mission! Half-way mark! I´m really all the experiences ive had thus far and how much ive been able to learn. I feel so much stronger as a person and still have a lot of wonderful experiences and growth ahead.

My new companion, Elder Day, is awesome and we are getting along great! We are being obedient and working real hard. Right now, Chilo is still good to for his baptism on the 10th and we found someone else Saturday that didn´t make it to church but we hope and pray that he progresses. We have the faith and are willing to work to find other prepared childeren of God this week. 

Our mission president said that we can´t play sports anymore, but i know this revelation come from our Father in Heaven so don´t complain and just keep working. I´m very happy to be serving the Lord and know that this is exactly where I´m supposed to in my life right now. 

Elder Leslie

a sister in the ward gifted me an umbrella!


hmmm which plate

pancakes anyone?

scorpion in the house!

Selmy and a kitten

study time

you can't tell but its raining really hard

Week #51

Hello everyone!
I am honestly so excited right now!  Saturday we had a beautiful baptism of Saldra and her daughter Karen and the following day their confirmation. I had the honor of baptizing Saldra and confirming Karen. What a special and touching experience that was for me. I will never forget them.
As you may have expected from the day-late email, we had transfers! Elder Diaz was sent off to some place in Chiapas where he has to learn another language (Sotz-sil). Don´t worry though I´m still here Tapana. Yesterday I picked up my new companion up from the bus station in Arriaga and I am super excited for all the success we are going to have together. His last area was in Tuxtla Gutierrez and he has about 6 months in the mission. It take too long for us to find out something crazy that we have in common..... he goes to BYU! The crazy part is that we took fall 09 and winter 10 semester together. Ive nver met him before because he lived in heritage but God found a way to get us together and this is definitely not a coinsedence (how do you spell that?). He´s a computer animation major and wants to work for pixar....cool! Also, he´s from Moab, Utah.
I´m looking forward to our time together and the success we will have!
Signing out,
Elder Leslie

Elder Castillo and Elder Diaz...Bye!

Elder Day and I!

Elder Diaz,  Saldra, Karen, ME


new district leader

night of baptismal interview

The Family

Week #50

Hello everyone!
Well I´ve got exciting news about this week! This Saturday we will be having a baptism for a lady named Saldra and her 8 year old daughter! Her husband, other daughter, and sister are already members and we´ve been meeting with her since may, but finally she married her husband on thursday. :-)  Now legally married she is good to go for Saturday at 6:30. Pray for her to avoid working on sundays because she lives where she works and has to work 7 days a week. :( 
More exciting news.... last night we talked with a guy named Chilo. We´ve known him for a while too, but a few good changes are taking place in his life and he is very willing to learn more about the church. He doesn´t have to work on sundays anymore. In fact right now he is working with Pedro (church member) so he has a lot of support for a very important step that he will be taking September 10th...... Baptism! I´m so happy that we finally have found someone responsible and that will be a great help to the branch.
Thank you so much for all your prayers! Finally we are seeing some great success here in Tapana, but keep praying and I´ll keep working .... and hopefully next week I have more wonderful news like this!
Elder Leslie

great view

 lizzard in the house!
 Pasta for breakfast
Yum.  Thanks Aunt Mary!

Week #49

To whom this may concern,
This week our district leader Elder Castillo went on splits with me here in Tapana from wednesday until Friday. Seriously that was a huge blessing and answer to many prayers. Many plans fell through so we went contacting for like 3 hours friday morning. It was hot and the sun was unmerciful.... but we found lots of interested people! Pretty much no has made it to church but we are going to go back and visit them this week and i pray they come unto Christ!
Today we just got back from an amazing MULTI-zone activity (zones Chahuites + Arriaga). It was blazing hot but we didnt care much. We arrived at 9 and played soccer out on a field then soccer and a court, then basketball, then volleyball! It was a blast and even the Mission President, his kids, and wife played basketball and volleyball with us. Getting together with so many missionaries to simply go out and play is absolutely incredible! and after some of the missionaries from Chahuites (including us) went to an investigators house to eat. I had a blast, but right now I´m exhausted after playing for 5 hours. haha
Right now I am learning a lesson in patience and to depend very much on the impressions of the Holy Ghost. I only want to do the Lord´s will.

Elder Leslie

Week #48

We have two new investigators named Angel (16) and Gilberto (18). They both accepted a baptismal date for the 20th of August and I am really excited for them! I pray for them so much and hope that they take the initiative to make the change in their lives and later serve missions. Actually right now we are going to go see if they are available and talk about the word of wisdom and give Angel a Book of Mormon. Apparently his friend, Gilberto, already has one.
Not too much new to report, but we are doing well and teaching by the spirit. Hopefully this Friday we have an awesome Branch Activity at someones house watching movies and singing hymns.
I have faith in my Heavenly Father and know that this is exactly where he wants me to be right now. I am truely beginning to love the members here and learning how to listen to the spirit. Everyday I am better and I dont plan on stopping until the God says so. I only want to do His will.
I love you all
Elder Leslie