Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Week #52

To whom this may concern:

Well, I´m not sure if you all knew this but there are 52 weeks in a year and this is my 52nd weekly email...... so this Thursday I will complete one year in the mission! Half-way mark! I´m really all the experiences ive had thus far and how much ive been able to learn. I feel so much stronger as a person and still have a lot of wonderful experiences and growth ahead.

My new companion, Elder Day, is awesome and we are getting along great! We are being obedient and working real hard. Right now, Chilo is still good to for his baptism on the 10th and we found someone else Saturday that didn´t make it to church but we hope and pray that he progresses. We have the faith and are willing to work to find other prepared childeren of God this week. 

Our mission president said that we can´t play sports anymore, but i know this revelation come from our Father in Heaven so don´t complain and just keep working. I´m very happy to be serving the Lord and know that this is exactly where I´m supposed to in my life right now. 

Elder Leslie

a sister in the ward gifted me an umbrella!


hmmm which plate

pancakes anyone?

scorpion in the house!

Selmy and a kitten

study time

you can't tell but its raining really hard

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