Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Week #51

Hello everyone!
I am honestly so excited right now!  Saturday we had a beautiful baptism of Saldra and her daughter Karen and the following day their confirmation. I had the honor of baptizing Saldra and confirming Karen. What a special and touching experience that was for me. I will never forget them.
As you may have expected from the day-late email, we had transfers! Elder Diaz was sent off to some place in Chiapas where he has to learn another language (Sotz-sil). Don´t worry though I´m still here Tapana. Yesterday I picked up my new companion up from the bus station in Arriaga and I am super excited for all the success we are going to have together. His last area was in Tuxtla Gutierrez and he has about 6 months in the mission. It take too long for us to find out something crazy that we have in common..... he goes to BYU! The crazy part is that we took fall 09 and winter 10 semester together. Ive nver met him before because he lived in heritage but God found a way to get us together and this is definitely not a coinsedence (how do you spell that?). He´s a computer animation major and wants to work for pixar....cool! Also, he´s from Moab, Utah.
I´m looking forward to our time together and the success we will have!
Signing out,
Elder Leslie

Elder Castillo and Elder Diaz...Bye!

Elder Day and I!

Elder Diaz,  Saldra, Karen, ME


new district leader

night of baptismal interview

The Family

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