Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Week #33

A lot of big changes in my life right now. First, Hugo got baptized this saturday! i was so happy that he took the initiative and said that since his dad isnt going to be back for a while that he wanted to use his agency and get baptized! It was so wonderful and I was a bit nervous at first because he is the very first person ive ever baptized. I know that Hugo will go on to serve a mission and bring so many more unto Christ. Sunday he was confirmed a member of the church and went on splits with us that evening. 
I had to say goodbye to Hugo, Elder Aguilar, Andres, Angel, Tehin, Jose Angel, and the rest of Tuxtla Chico though.....because I have been transfered to Tapanatepec (in Chahuites) in the state of Oaxaca. We´re not in Chiapas anymore Toto. Im here with my mexican companion Elder Diaz as senor companion. He only has 2 months in the mission, but is a clown and doesnt have any fear talking. I feel like we are going to learn a lot from each other and do a lot of good! There are not many members here in this branch and we meet in a ´´house of prayer´´. Im gonna see what thats like sunday. So far so good, but im going to do a lot of praying and a lot of listening because now im the one that answers the question ´´where do we go next?´´ after all our plans fall through. One time presdient velasco said that the lord doesnt choose the trained. He trains the chosen. Well ive been chosen to work here in Tanapatepec and feel humbled that the lord has trust in me to suceed.
Thats about it for now. Keep praying for the missionaries and helping them out!

gotta do what you gotta do.... de-ice the fridge

hot cakes!

fruit called Rambutan... delicious


more tuxlta chico chocolate

this is a spider

The Amazing Spider Brandon!   by Elder Andrew Embree

 The tree of life stone. or also known as Lehi´s dream.

only lacks Andres´s family (arrived a bit late)

HUGO! so happy! i will never forget him

bye elder aguilar.....

one awesome thing about Tapanatepec.... there are mangos EVERYWHERE and i love it.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week #32

Hey y´all!
(just wanted to be cool like Adam. Maybe im not in Texas but it´s still really hot)
We are doing well and working hard. Today we had a zone activity where we played soccer and a bit of basketball. I threw the frisbee around with a few other missionaries between games. It was pretty fun and afterwards we ate spaghetti and something that translates to ´´barbed wire´´ haha. the melon drink was delicious! (we paid sisters to cook for us)
Hugo didnt end up getting baptized because his mom wants to wait until his dad gets back from veracruz or wherever he´s at. After receiving this news i felt real disappointed but shortly after a sense of peace. Not sure why but i feel like for some reason its better this way. He is still going to church in his white shirt and tie! That brings me a SO much joy to see him dressed in his sunday best. Angel is still doing great and going to church with the family!
We think we may have a few people very ready and prepared to hear this glad message. You will hear about them next week if they keep progressing. If not I pray we find evenmore ´´chosen´´  investigators this week!
Back to work.
no photos this week. calm down ill send some next week.    

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week #31


I´m doing great, but it´s definitely heating up  down here in Chiapas. It doesn´t bother me when we have the opportunity to teach awesome investigators like Hugo! It´s true what they say about getting lost in the work. When I´m not lost, I find myself uncomfortable and thinking about me. However when I do, smiles come easily because I really want these people to have the joy I know. Hugo understands everything we teach him and wants to serve a mission! Yesterday we passed by his house for the morning session of conference and he was all ready to go in white shirt, tie, black pants, and shiny black shoes. This brought a huge smile too big for my face to handle. Just that image makes it all worth it. This Saturday at 3pm he will be baptized and a  member of this all too true church of Christ. I will never forget him and his eagerness to follow Jesus Christ, our perfect example. 

We are working hard, but need to find new investigators this week! well every week, but you know. We pray for the Lords guidance and strive to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit. 



IMG_3549&3550 you can´t really tell but we are soaking wet.
IMG_3554 he won 20 pesos in a bag of chips!

Week #30


Elder Aguilar and I are really happy for Angel! This Saturday he got baptized and Sunday was confirmed a member and received the Holy Ghost! He even showed up to church in a white shirt and tie. I think he´s still working on the church pants, but more importantly he has a growing testimony. He is very humble and from the beginning has always asked great questions. Saturday after the baptism we celebrated with sandwiches,  delicious Horchata, and Soccer! Later that night Angel & family invited us over for mole on chicken and rice with pepsi. 

We are working hard to find  new people to teach, but as of now Hugo, Aurelio, and Joana are still good to go for April 9th. One time in the closing prayer, Hugo asked that the Lord could help him preach this gospel! haha As you could imagine, that brought an overwhelming feeling of joy in my heart. I feel extremely honored and privilegded to know Hugo. Aurelio is really old, but I think he is finally starting to get that fact that there is only one   church of christ and only one path towards God. We have explained priesthood authority many and we hope that the Bishop cleared up his doubts this Sunday during church. (for some reason he wanted to talk to the Bishop to know what he should do -- yes we have explained that he should get his own answer). Aurelio is awesome though. With his 90 years riding the earth around the sun, he knows the bible pretty well and grew up learning how to work. Joana is great too but for some reason couldn´t make it to church yesterday. We´ll find out why tomorrow. 

I´m doing great and improving myself everyday. Today is tough, but I happily look back on yesterday´s work.

Love you all! Keep praying for us missionaries and help the ones in your ward! Surprise them by saying something like: ``tomorrow night I´m free from 7-8. How can I help?'' 


IMG 3529 what´s this?
IMG 3530 50 pesos!
IMG 3534 me, elder Aguilar, andrea, Brenda, angie, ANGEL, Andres