Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week #32

Hey y´all!
(just wanted to be cool like Adam. Maybe im not in Texas but it´s still really hot)
We are doing well and working hard. Today we had a zone activity where we played soccer and a bit of basketball. I threw the frisbee around with a few other missionaries between games. It was pretty fun and afterwards we ate spaghetti and something that translates to ´´barbed wire´´ haha. the melon drink was delicious! (we paid sisters to cook for us)
Hugo didnt end up getting baptized because his mom wants to wait until his dad gets back from veracruz or wherever he´s at. After receiving this news i felt real disappointed but shortly after a sense of peace. Not sure why but i feel like for some reason its better this way. He is still going to church in his white shirt and tie! That brings me a SO much joy to see him dressed in his sunday best. Angel is still doing great and going to church with the family!
We think we may have a few people very ready and prepared to hear this glad message. You will hear about them next week if they keep progressing. If not I pray we find evenmore ´´chosen´´  investigators this week!
Back to work.
no photos this week. calm down ill send some next week.    

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