Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week #31


I´m doing great, but it´s definitely heating up  down here in Chiapas. It doesn´t bother me when we have the opportunity to teach awesome investigators like Hugo! It´s true what they say about getting lost in the work. When I´m not lost, I find myself uncomfortable and thinking about me. However when I do, smiles come easily because I really want these people to have the joy I know. Hugo understands everything we teach him and wants to serve a mission! Yesterday we passed by his house for the morning session of conference and he was all ready to go in white shirt, tie, black pants, and shiny black shoes. This brought a huge smile too big for my face to handle. Just that image makes it all worth it. This Saturday at 3pm he will be baptized and a  member of this all too true church of Christ. I will never forget him and his eagerness to follow Jesus Christ, our perfect example. 

We are working hard, but need to find new investigators this week! well every week, but you know. We pray for the Lords guidance and strive to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit. 



IMG_3549&3550 you can´t really tell but we are soaking wet.
IMG_3554 he won 20 pesos in a bag of chips!

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