Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Week #33

A lot of big changes in my life right now. First, Hugo got baptized this saturday! i was so happy that he took the initiative and said that since his dad isnt going to be back for a while that he wanted to use his agency and get baptized! It was so wonderful and I was a bit nervous at first because he is the very first person ive ever baptized. I know that Hugo will go on to serve a mission and bring so many more unto Christ. Sunday he was confirmed a member of the church and went on splits with us that evening. 
I had to say goodbye to Hugo, Elder Aguilar, Andres, Angel, Tehin, Jose Angel, and the rest of Tuxtla Chico though.....because I have been transfered to Tapanatepec (in Chahuites) in the state of Oaxaca. We´re not in Chiapas anymore Toto. Im here with my mexican companion Elder Diaz as senor companion. He only has 2 months in the mission, but is a clown and doesnt have any fear talking. I feel like we are going to learn a lot from each other and do a lot of good! There are not many members here in this branch and we meet in a ´´house of prayer´´. Im gonna see what thats like sunday. So far so good, but im going to do a lot of praying and a lot of listening because now im the one that answers the question ´´where do we go next?´´ after all our plans fall through. One time presdient velasco said that the lord doesnt choose the trained. He trains the chosen. Well ive been chosen to work here in Tanapatepec and feel humbled that the lord has trust in me to suceed.
Thats about it for now. Keep praying for the missionaries and helping them out!

gotta do what you gotta do.... de-ice the fridge

hot cakes!

fruit called Rambutan... delicious


more tuxlta chico chocolate

this is a spider

The Amazing Spider Brandon!   by Elder Andrew Embree

 The tree of life stone. or also known as Lehi´s dream.

only lacks Andres´s family (arrived a bit late)

HUGO! so happy! i will never forget him

bye elder aguilar.....

one awesome thing about Tapanatepec.... there are mangos EVERYWHERE and i love it.

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