Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week #47

Hello everyone

A girl named Adriana made it to church yesterday and I think she really liked it. We are going to visit here tomorrow and I pray that she felt a beautiful spirit there and wants to go next week! Not much else but we keep working with faith. I know that God has a plan for each and everyone on this earth and I´m working hard to share that plan with the people here in Tapana. I have never been able to doubt this church and know that Jesus Christ leads it and by following his example we will return to live with our Heavenly Father. 

Keep praying for us! thanks for all you do

Elder Leslie

a kid named Marcos


David checking the beans at an investigators house who wasn´t home haha

Pastel de Galletas (cookie desert) yum!

Week #46

Hey everyone,

This week we had our first conference with the new president, President Juan Gabriel Cardenas. It was very powerful and I´m very excited to be working under him. He brings a sense of serious authority but at the same of genuine sense of love for us. His family situation is a different than the last president because he has a 12 year old son and 15 year-old daughter. He is a bit younger, but I have full confidence in him. And, yes of course at the end of the conference I got 2 packages! and 4 letters! Thank you so much Aunt Mary, Dad, Mom, and Elder Kyle Brown!

Today we just got back from a zone activity where we played soccer (of course) in basically what looks like a plane hanger. But i´m pretty sure it´s used for transporting mangos or something. Who knows? I do know that it was a blast and after we went to the church to eat Tlayudas (basically quesadillas). 

This week I go forward with faith, knowing that my hard work will pay off. Pray for us to have success and reach our goals this week. Thanks for all your prayers thus far. I can seriously feel and recognize the blessings. 

Until next week,
Elder Leslie

Awesome companionship

Bubbush loves Rachel
card from mom 

Elder Ortiz!

First Conference with President Cardenas

Just 2 packages no big deal

Love this CD!

that´s what im talkin about

The goods

typical breakfast


Week #45


Well, my second transfer here in Tapana ended yesterday and I have decided to go for thirds. I´m hoping that I can be an instrument in the Lord´s hands and help some inactive husbands regain their testimonies and lead their families in righteousness. Everyday, I beg the my Heavenly Fathers guidance so I can do his will and be a powerful influence in bringing people unto Christ and feeding his sheep. 

We don´t really too many investigators right now so pray for us to find those truely prepared and willing to accept God´s plan. Not too exciting but, I know that we´ll have some great success soon! Hope all is well with everyone back home and that you read your scripures daily. :-)


Elder Leslie

ps its just started to rain. I like the rain because it cools things down, but don´t like getting wet. :-( haha 

Week #44

Hey guys,

This week we invited someone named Tito to be baptized and....he accepted! His baptismal date is for the 23rd of July and I´m really excited for him. He came to church yesterday and seemed to like it, so hopefully he goes next week and makes this wonderful change in his life to come unto Christ. He´s the only person with a baptismal date right now, but don´t worry I plan on finding another this week! :-)

Right now I´m praying a lot for Oscar Lopez, Oscar Roblez, and husband of Sister Paty (forgot his name). All three are fathers of members in the ward that are haven´t quite accepted the gospel yet. One actually is a member but doesn´t want to go to church. I know that if all three can make a change in their life (repent) and come unto Christ that they will be powerful leaders in the home and in the branch. Sometimes all we can do is sit back and pray they choose the right. 

I´m doing pretty well here and am still doing my best to develop an increased love for everyone and to be a more powerful tool in my Heavenly Father´s hands. Thanks for all your prayers and support!


Elder Leslie

a hilarious ward activity for fathers day in the branch in Chahuites (while on splits)


Zone Leader Elder Rosas (on splits)

A member gave us a ride to a family´s house out in the sticks

This railroad picture is dedicated to Mr. Brent K. Leslie

cool tree 

4 baby cows muching on grass


flowers for the branch conference last week

kid in the ward, David

after a long rain the river grew crazy big

Elder Diaz

Week #43

Yeah so i dont have time to write. I really should write this weekly letter first because after writing you all back individually i kinda forgot this one. Just know that I´m doing great and that a family of 8 came to church yesterday! Right now we are looking for a house for them so they can live here in Tapana because they are living in a ranch like 45min out of town.
Love ya´ll
Elder Leslie