Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week #45


Well, my second transfer here in Tapana ended yesterday and I have decided to go for thirds. I´m hoping that I can be an instrument in the Lord´s hands and help some inactive husbands regain their testimonies and lead their families in righteousness. Everyday, I beg the my Heavenly Fathers guidance so I can do his will and be a powerful influence in bringing people unto Christ and feeding his sheep. 

We don´t really too many investigators right now so pray for us to find those truely prepared and willing to accept God´s plan. Not too exciting but, I know that we´ll have some great success soon! Hope all is well with everyone back home and that you read your scripures daily. :-)


Elder Leslie

ps its just started to rain. I like the rain because it cools things down, but don´t like getting wet. :-( haha 

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