Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week #46

Hey everyone,

This week we had our first conference with the new president, President Juan Gabriel Cardenas. It was very powerful and I´m very excited to be working under him. He brings a sense of serious authority but at the same of genuine sense of love for us. His family situation is a different than the last president because he has a 12 year old son and 15 year-old daughter. He is a bit younger, but I have full confidence in him. And, yes of course at the end of the conference I got 2 packages! and 4 letters! Thank you so much Aunt Mary, Dad, Mom, and Elder Kyle Brown!

Today we just got back from a zone activity where we played soccer (of course) in basically what looks like a plane hanger. But i´m pretty sure it´s used for transporting mangos or something. Who knows? I do know that it was a blast and after we went to the church to eat Tlayudas (basically quesadillas). 

This week I go forward with faith, knowing that my hard work will pay off. Pray for us to have success and reach our goals this week. Thanks for all your prayers thus far. I can seriously feel and recognize the blessings. 

Until next week,
Elder Leslie

Awesome companionship

Bubbush loves Rachel
card from mom 

Elder Ortiz!

First Conference with President Cardenas

Just 2 packages no big deal

Love this CD!

that´s what im talkin about

The goods

typical breakfast


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