Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, July 30, 2012

Week #83

Hello everyone,

I really enjoyed conference and am going to download a few to listen to while and eating breakfast. Definitely the ones from Elder Holland, Elder Nelson, Pres. Uchtdorf, Pres. Monson, and Elder Nelson. Those were great! The theme this conference definitely was do your calling, honor your priesthood, and importance of families. Spiritually uplifting but even better when we put it into action in our daily lives. 

Victoria has a baptismal date for this Saturday at 5pm if you want to come..... cordially invited. haha  We have lots of other great people we are teaching right now too and I´ll let ya know if they keep progressing towards baptism or not. 

During the week, some guy stops us and asks for a Book of Mormon. We were in a super hurry so we gave him one and went on way.  This Saturday, we decided to talk to this guy we always pass on the street and invite him to conference. As we invite him he starts telling us how he´s read up to Alma. He says how we wants to have the faith of those yougn men he read about. How their mother´s had taught them and believed. He told us how much he loved reading about these 2,000 stripling warriors and wants to learn more. He couldn´t make it to church but we are going to see if he lives in our area and definitely bring him unto Christ. Maybe I dont tell this story very well or dont remember all the details, but i will never forget how big my smile got (and how i couldn´t wipe it off my face even if i wanted) as he started telling us all about those 2,000 young men that went to war and didn´t perish.  Wow! Something like that has never happened to me on the mission before. All because one day, weeks ago, we decided to talk to him. 

Im grateful to God for everything (also a theme in the conference) and keep on keepin on.

Elder Leslie

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