Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, July 30, 2012

Week #69

Hey fam,

This week ended great! Saturday night we went christmas caroling with an return missionary in the ward named Pedro. It was all his idea. We would look for a house decked out in christmas decorations then knock on their door and say something like ''good evening is it okay if we sing to you'' then they would say no because they are to busy preparing dinner or no because their catholic. So we started singing anyways and by the time we had finished they had completely changed their attitude as the spirit of christ (christmas -same thing) reached their hearts. They then told us thank you and may God be with and have a merry christmas. One lady almost cried. Another lady started balling. It was great. 
After caroling we went to eat a members house then after that we went to eat at another members house. We couldnt eat all that food so she gave us take out and it was late at night so SANTA gave us a ride home. not a joke. Sunday morning I opened my gifts from home and listened to my wonderful mother on the piano. Then later that evening I got to talk you the family! :-) I´ll be home for the next one!

O and also Elder Muñoz is off to Tuxtla Gutierrez and my new companion´s name is Elder Rodriguez. We dont have too much work right now so we´re gonna have to be guided by the spirit as we search week.


Elder Leslie

Elder Leslie
christmas food!

christmas tree!

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