Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, July 30, 2012

Week #81

Hello everyone,

I sent a bunch of pictures to look at so you can see what ive been up to. Today they called us about transfers..... there aren´t for us! That´s actually really awesome because Elder Castellanos is the best campanion ive had in my whole mission and we are having lots of sucess here. This weekend we had 3 baptisms. Saturday was Yackelin and Sunday Valeria and Marilin. We are so happy to have been apart in their conversion and we excited for Victoria (Yackelin´s friend) to get baptized this Saturday. Victoria doesn´t know it yet but she definitely is going to accept baptismal date. If not, we will be baptizing a girl named Gayra this Saturday at 4. You are all invited. :)

My birthday was great! At Yackelin´s baptismal interview we ate cake to celebrate with my name on it and everything. She had gone to the store that with Victoria and bought me it. Later   with the Lopez Ramirez family we ate a bunch of oranges and when we came home the other elders had ordered pizza and gave me a cake, also with my name on it! It actually didnt even hit me that my birthday was coming until the day before and i figured nothing big was gonna happen, but i feel loved and im very grateful for all that was done! We had a fun pizza party that night! haha. (Until 10:30 of course and then we had to go to bed.....haha)

I´m happy to be a missionary and excited for another transfer with my campanion!

Elder Leslie 

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