Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, July 30, 2012

Week #78


not much time to write but it was a great week. Alejandro and his brother, Omar, came to church and they seemed to enjoy it. Well Alejandro has been coming for weeks now with his mormon girlfriend, but it was awesome to see his brother come for the first time. They aren´t low on money but at the same time are humbly and willing to learn and obey. Alejandro is preparing for baptism the 10th of March and his brother still is praying and thinking about it. A bit tough right now because he is a leader of youth in the christian chruch he goes to right now. Another investigator named Jaquilin (from honduras) is awesome too! she came to church and even went to a single adults activity on saturday! wow! she says she wants to be baptized and bore her testimony of the church in the gospel principles class of the second hour. Preparing to be baptized for the 17th of March. Yes, she will be confirmed the holy spirit on kyle brown´s birthday! and interviewed on mine. :-)

gotta go because i have to catch a bus to Tuxtla. ill be there until wednesday for some training stuff. Thanks for everything and i love you all!

Elder Leslie

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