Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, July 30, 2012

Week #73


Hey I´m sending a few brigde pictures in Dad´s honor. I had to cross them while I was on splits in an area called Bonanza. haha This part of their area was a bit like a jungle with all these crazy brigdes. Not too much else new goin on down here though. We are inviting lots of people to baptism the first lesson or while contacting and this is helping us see faster if peolple might progress or not. None of our investigators came to church yesterday so we are going to try to help them understand better why it is that they should go and look for new people willing to complete with their commitments. We keep on keeping on with faith in Christ and confidence that our Heavenly Father will help us out this week. Some delicious blessings of course were the chocolate cake and burgers on the 18th for my companions birthday. yum! 

Kinda of exciting with the 6.2 earthquake here a few days ago. We were teaching someone while it happened and i think it spooked my campanion a bit because he half way stood up with his hands out while it was happening. haha funny. everything is fine and is no damage or anything.

Thanks for all the support!  


Elder Leslie

another sketchy bridge


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