Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, July 30, 2012

Week #68

Hey everyone,

Well this week we talked to lots of people and invited Humberto (the somewhat old guy who doesnt hear well) to baptized he accepted! I guess they have been teaching him for like 6 months and finally he just started coming to church when i got here. he has a strong testimony of the book of mormon and joseph smith. He is great but we kinda have to yell at him all the time and he is always talking really loud because of his hearing. He doesnt really have a house either. His job is watching over houses while they are being built, so he lives where he works. We are really excited for his baptism this saturday at 12 and his confirmation on Christmas Day! 

As far as Charlot and Xochitl are doing well.... we found out they aren´t married so that kinda complicates things. Luckily Xochitl is a lawyer so we hope that speeds up the process. They seemd real interested in eternal marriage so we´ll see if they put forth their part to get there. In the meantime we will keep teaching and encouraging them because they are great people. 

At church yesterday we invited Jessica to baptism and she accepted for the 31st. Her husband is a less active from Honduras who just started to church again since he was 15. They have a family are coming to church all by themselves are are really excited! and we are too! only huge bummer is that they just barely moved ONE street out of our area into the area of the zone leaders......yeah kinda sad for us but i pray they continue strong. Im not terribly dissapointed because all i really want is for them to get married in the temple and they are SO excited about it!

Love you all and Mary Christmas!


Elder Leslie

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