Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, July 30, 2012

Week #60

Dear Everyone,

Well I´m pretty excited that we finally cleaned up the bedroom the last P-day and put up our new curtain with the aid of Chilo. The room is organized way better, clean, and we dont have to put old mattresses up in the window anymore. :-) It was because our room is right in front of the streetlight and a lot of light enters in at night. So now, instead of old mattresses, we have a curtain that a sister (Rosaurora) gave us. It´s green in a blue room so when the light hits during the day it gives the room a nice oceany feel. And I feel greater measure of happiness from the spirit in a cleaner better organized room too! 

This week we are excited to be having a baptism for Inoel and most likely Raquel. Raquel´s mom still isn´t sure but we´ll see what she says tonight. Isabel still is going to hold off because the boyfriend of her mom (cant call him husband) doesn´t want her to. She wants to and her mom does too, but this guy is just causing problems. He´s 23 and her mom is 32. I dont understand why they are together because this guy says he doesn´t want to get married. If you aren´t going to marry Veronica and are just going to cause problems then get out and let these wonderful people follow christ! That´s how i feel about it. 

We visited Yesenia Friday night and she told us that she prayed to know if she should get baptized. She said she didn´t feel anything extraordinary. But after a feel questions we found out that, yes, the spirit was giving an answer. She said she felt peaceful just like at church so we ended teaching a lesson on how to recognize feelings of the spirit. It takes practice just like everything else in life. Also, we told her to let the seed of faith grow in her and be patient (Alma 32). sometimes we want our seed of faith to be a tree in an instant. but that´s not how life works. Life is growing. 

We go forward with faith and are excited for a conference in Tuxtla with Elder Octavio Tenorio this saturday.

Elder Leslie

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