Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, July 30, 2012

Week #82

Hey everyone,

I´m doing real great down here and happy to be a part of five baptisms in the month of march. There truely is a special spirit when someone enters into this sacred convenant with our Heavenly Father. Not too many showed up to Gayra´s baptism Saturday night but thats okay because there was a reverence a powerful sense of calmness and i know that the Holy Ghost was filling that room to testify of the truthfullness of what we were doing. After the ordainance, her return-missionary-mom shared her humble testimony and with tears in eyes said how grateful she was to God. Sunday morning she was confirmed member of the church and received the gift of the Holy Ghost along with Marilyn and Valeria (two baptisms from last sunday). 

I also had the opportunity to interview someone for baptism saturday night. We were in a hurry and so i felt all stressed out but when we sat down to talk i felt a complete calmness come over me and nothing around us mattered. I knew in that instant that she was ready and worthy for baptism because she had the spirit with her so sweet and so strong. Of course, I then proceeded to ask all the interview questions but she obviously passed. Life´s a lot easier with the spirit, I´m coming to find out. 


Elder Leslie

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