Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, July 30, 2012

Week #61

Hello all,

We had a busy week! Raquel and Inoel got baptized on Thursday by Elder Day and I and we had a powerful conference with Elder Tenorio. Our zone (Chahuites) and the zone from Arriaga had to travel friday evening and stay the night in Tuxtla. Our zone stayed the night in the mission offices and ordered delicious Dominos pizza. I dont think iven eaten pizza in like 8 months. Yum.  Elder Tenorio is very inteligent and was full of great stories and examples. I left very edified and excited to work. We are going to try to be more specific with the people we teach to help them with their needs and doubts. He also taught else how to say more especific prayers to get more especific anwswers using an example from Genesis 24 when Isaac was looking for a wife.  

Right now we don´t have anyone preparing for baptism, but we are going to keep praying and searching. 

Thanks for all your prayers and hope all is well up there. 

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