Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, July 30, 2012

Week #88

Hey guys,

I`m doing so great down here in Arriaga! My new companion Elder Ward is the bomb and my new asignation is pretty fun too because all the elders in our zone are cool. Elder Ward has 21 months in the mission, is from Sandy, UT, and has no idea what he wants to do after the mission. We are just had a blast this week eventhough is even hotter than Tapachula and the sun burns my skin with more burning force. Also, we live with two other elders in the house and one is straight out of the MTC new. His name is Elder Turner and he is funner too because when his mexican campanion Elder Grandados talks to him in spanish he will just respond in english. haha. Its funny cuz Elder Turner actually knows spanish pretty well. 

Apart from new missionary fun, we found some new investigators and they even made it to church! Her mom`s name is Silvia and her daughter`s is Ana Estefany. We first starting talking to the mom and then she tells us we need to meet her daughter and help her out cuz she is really rebelious..... we finally meet her on saturday and she is like the exact opposite of what her mom made us think. She has an awesome voice, likes to sing praises to God (even sang us one), had already read all the pamphlets we had left with her mom, and is excited to learn more, come more unto Christ. We passed by for them to go to church and they both were ready in skirts and everything and during fast and testimony meeting Ana Estefany pulls a Yackelin and Victoria. She bore a wonderful testimony in church! Elder Ward had never seen an investigator do this before and just looks at me stunned and say ``well that was cool``. I felt the spirit so strong and i know she did too. This is exactly what she needs because she still wasnt sure about baptism with her mom on the 19th but i think she has changed her mind a bit. She told us that she just had to bare her testimony because her heart was beating hard and felt strong impressed to just get up and testify.

Im doing awesome and am excited to talk to mom this sunday. It`ll be in the church building at 6:30 my time. i gave mom the number. 

Elder Leslie

Here are some cool pics. Thanks for waiting

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