Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, July 30, 2012

Week #58

Hello everyone,

I´m doing real great here in Tapana with my Utahan companion, Elder Day! Right now we have a few great people that we are teaching and I really hope the continue in the path unto Christ. And of course I want them to all get baptized so that they can enter the gate at the beginning of this path. Sunday morning during sacrament meeting I was sitting there really nervous and looking out the window about every twenty seconds waitng for a whole bunch of people to show up. There were about ten who all said they were going to make it so I waiting so anxiously and full of hope. Just when I thought my hope meter was about to hit ``Empty´´ I lady named Veronica and her 4 little kids and a couple nephews showed up! about twenty-five minutes late but they all made! Wow I was filled with joy and renewed hope that ``Yes, it really is possible that people do what they told us they were going to!´´ Thanks to this lady and her little kids, I approach this week with new energy and faith that we will find God´s children who are prepared and will to complete their commitments. 

 I really am actually enjoying my time here and I have made some great friends with the members, investigators, and my companion. :-) We are still working well with our branch mission leader, Gabriel, and the sisters of the ward take care of us. I know my Heavenly Father is real and loves me more than I could ever know. Prayer works. Do it. 

Your friend,

Elder Leslie

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