Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, January 24, 2011

Week #11

Well everybody, I'm still here. I am currently now part of a tripanionship because my companion and most of our district/class left. We are the only three left,  from our once class of twelve. The five Elders (including my companion) left on Monday for Villahermosa Mexico because they got their visas and I'm still here waiting. Last night we had to move our stuff to another classroom because today twelve new elders are coming in and kicking us out. haha
However, because I'm still here I had the privilegde of hearing Elder Kevin W. Pearson. He is an amazing speaker! I was really excited when I found out he was going to be speaking to us last night because he used to be the Tacoma, Washington Mission President and so I've heard him speak a few times before. I never knew he was a Harvard Business graduate and former CEO of some company, but it definitely fits. I took lots of frantic notes because it was full of insight and clearly delivered. One quote from him that really spoke to me was " You get what you focus on consistently. What do you focus on?" I have always found this to be true.  One other thing he said that I really took to heart was "The more I become a disciple of Christ and leave behind who I was, the more I reach my divine potential and become who I really am."  If I consistently focus on who I was (only Brandon C. Leslie from Gig Harbor, Washington who attends BYU) then how can I be a disciple of Christ who is 100% dedicated to obedience and service these two years. To become more than I was I need to consistently focus on how to become more like our perfect example, Jesus Christ. I have a finite knowledge and capability to love and God has an infinite sum of power. However, one added to any infinite sum is still an infinite sum. Therefor, with his power it is possible to do all things. (Luke 1:37). The hard part sometimes is finding his will.   One last thing Elder Pearson said was "Mortality introduces amnesia." Think about it.
Thanks for all you do family and friends! Keep praying because it definitely works!
Elder Leslie

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