Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, January 24, 2011

Week #13

To whom this may concern: 
¡This is my first my preparation day in mexico! My preparation days are on Mondays and so far I have eaten breakfast, washed clothes, and will be eating lunch in a bit. We are are a ¨ciber café¨ place writing emails but we spent the morning at a members house washing clothes because they have a washer...sorta. lol
Since wednesday we have had a zone conference, taught lots of lessons, and contacted lots of people. People are really nice here. I would say at least half of them let us in after we tell them we are representatives of Jesus Christ and a message we have for them. I haven´t ever been harshly rejected or been spoken to rudely. Usually people will just say they are busy and that we can come back another time. People are very receptive and seem to like us down here in Tapachula.
On friday Elder Steele and I went to Tuxtla Chico (a smaller town near Tapachula) and did sorta traded companions with an Elder Valdez we is currently serving there. ¡He was a pretty great guy and his spanish is excellent! (He´s mexican) We only spent a night there but it was pretty awesome because we got to go visit a couple who lives in the jungle. It was beautiful...especially because after the lesson the sun was setting and orange skies were peeking through the trees and brush. O, it was marvelous.
Yesterday we brought a 16 year old girl named Sindy to church and even a friend of hers (and her friend´s mom) came too. She said she would get baptized in a couple weeks but I´m not so sure about her. I just feel like we are walking on glass. She is very nice and receptive but I´m just not so sure. We´ll see.
Church was great. The sacrament meeting consisted of us 4 Elders giving talks. Elders Steele & Cisneros are the zone leaders and Elder Jensen and I are new and are tagging along with them for a few weeks because we got here in the middle of a transfer (due to visa trouble). Us four also sang a hymn for the congregation. I thought it sounded pretty good... if you ask me. For my like 5 minute talk I talked about three things satan works hard on us to forget and shared some scriptures to go along with them. I suggest pondering and studying these for yourself. 1. Our identity as sons and daughters of God. (Moses 1:12-13) 2. Jesus Christ and his Atonement for us (many great scriptures but I shared Alma 7:11-13).  3. Personal Revelation (1 Nephi 19:23 starting from where it says ¨like¨ or ¨apply¨  & Doctrine and Convenants 8:2-3 ending where it says spirit of revelation)
My Spanish is coming along and I talk to people okay, but it´s hard for me to understand them. I still need to train my Spanish ears and it doesn´t help that they mumble and leave out their ¨s¨s.  Like instead of ¨mismo¨ they say mi´mo.
I love you all and thanks for all the prayers and support! Talk to you next week!

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