Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, January 24, 2011

Week #15

Tuesday, I went with two other Elders to spend the night and go on splits, but that only lasted for about 2 hours until President Velasco called their phone and said that I would be going to Tuxtla Gutiérrez with three other Elders to get our Mexican green cards. So I spent six hours on wednesday traveling, got there, sat around for a while, ate Dominos, got our pictures taken at a little store in the city, came back and went contacting. Tuxtla Gutiérrez is the perfect temperature right now, especially at night. Contacting was great because we found two people very prepared to hear our message, however I don´t get to keep teaching them because it´s not my area. That has happened a bit lately. I go on splits and only see investigators once. It´s allright though, I just go wherever the Lord needs.  The next morning we signed for our green cards and then took another 6 hour bus ride from 2pm-8pm.
Saturday we had a conference with three zones and a general authority came (Elder Benjamin de Hoyos). President & Sister Velasco and Elder & Sister Hoyos gave wonderful talks... or atleast they seemed like they were pretty great. I´m not quite sure because my spanish vocabulary and ears are still improving so I probably only understood about 30% of it. However, I was still able to take some great notes because Elder & Sister Hoyos used a white board and because I was prompted by the spirit to write some things down. My Spanish really isn´t terrible, but it´s still hard to understand people when they talk at full speed and not at full clarity. For the most part, I can understand what is going on during lessons and am able to add my scriptures, experiences, and testimony.
I set a good goal of learning at least 5 new words a day so this will help out a lot. Before I didn´t really have a measureable goal of vocab learning and now I have a very realistic and attainable manner of ensuring that I grow each day in my Spanish.
Transfers were supposed to be this monday but for some reason the President moved all transfers to next week. I seem to be all over the place my first month here so don´t worry ... I´m in a new area. haha Saturday afternoon (at the conference) President Velasco said I would be staying with Elder Valdez in Tuxtla Chico (a little city outside of Tapachula). His companion went to Tuxtla Gutiérrez that same wednesday with us but went there for good, one-way. So I´ll be here for at least the next week but who knows. I seriously doubt I´ll be here any longer because we are both greenies basically. I actually have more time as a missionary than him because he entered the Mexican MTC in October. However, he´s been out in the field a bit longer and is mexican... so he speaks pretty good spanish.
Together we met with a family they had been teaching and the whole family said they are going to get baptized! The live very humbly in the junlge part of our area. The parents need to get married first but we are helping with half the cost. The already understand that it´s bad to live together without being married. (pretty much everyone here doesn´t think the same).
Lots of contacting, teaching, and struggling to understand but it´s going well and I´m doing my best to give my whole heart to the Lord. Until next week.
Elder Leslie

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