Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, January 24, 2011

Week #16

Well it turns out that I´m still here in Tuxtla Chico. However, I have a new companion, Elder Craynor. He is obedient and seems to work hard so this is good. Also, he is a district leader and has about 16 months in the mission. We will probably be companions for a transfer or two here in Tuxtla Chico but who know who will go first. Tuxtla Chico could be my area for a at least a few months. I like it here. It´s humid and hot, but the people here are more humble than those in the bigger city, especially since there are some jungle areas where people live very humbly.
The Valdez Family that we are teaching have baptismal dates but the parents still need to get married and I think they need to go back to Guatemala to do it. They are great though! I have high hopes for them, but their kids can still get baptized and I think they will next month. Their oldest child, Raquel, definitely is going to get baptized the 3rd of January because she has a lot of faith and at church yesterday she seemed to fit right in with the other young women.  
It´s hard work to be a missionary because there never is time for a break. We work 24/7 spreading the truth and finding those people ready and who have desires have the truth in their lives. Sometimes it´s hard though because many people really don´t want to hear it. One lady was busy so we asked when we could come back. She kept saying ``o whenever´´ and we kept saying ``is there specific day and time that you would be available´´. This went on for a bit and we finally just asked ``do you want to talk with us or not?´´ lol. She said something like o sure ya but another day again so we said goodbye without a specific appoint because I don´t think she wanted it. Some people just don´t want to know the truth and the truth is... you gotta want it.

Well, I forgot to look in my journal to see if there was anything else I should tell you all but for know that´s about it. We will press on and continue doing the Lord´s work. I am definitely only here doing this because I know our message is true and I know the power it has to change lives. That is... only if because accept it and use their own power to choose true eternal happiness. Joy that is not sugar coated or short lasting. Our message has always been true, is true as I speak it, and will forever be true. Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, but more importanly for me... He is my Savior. Because of him I can be clean and return to Our Heavenly Father´s presence.
Most Sincerely,
Elder Leslie
PS I ate a Washington apple today at Sister Lochi Coutiño´s house! Red Delicious!
IMG_0008 is the Church here in Tuxtla Chico
IMG_0009 ``goodbye shortlived companion´´
IMG_0021 a highway
IMG_0028 Elder Craynor cleaning
IMG_0029 Planning Session w/ strawberries from some kid on the street
IMG_0031 where the study happens

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