Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week #22

I´m working hard and striving to become a stronger missionary for the Lord everyday. Yes, this mission is not easy if I keep thinking about how difficult it really is. However, this past week I feel like I put into practice the phrase ``forget yourself and go to work´´ a bit more. I´m praying that I can have more love for the people we teach and that we can receive revelation to find those people truely willing to accept this true message. It´s interesting that I am not able to love people as much as I want to. I have desires to feel more concern for people but my ``charity´´ seems to be limited. In this aspect there is definitely room for improvement. I pray every day that my love and sincerity for people will grow. I think I am able to see a slight increase and for this I am grateful. All I want to do is my Heavenly Father´s will and so I also pray hard for personal revelation of what I need to do....to do what He wants me to do. 

Well, we didn´t have a baptism this week because Raquel´s father still doesn´t want her to. She is faithful and has a testimony. All she can really do is honor her father until she can leave the house one day to join the church. She told us that if she gets baptized her dad will kick her out of the house (ranch). We keep praying for her desires to remain strong and that the heart of her father will soften. 

I´m doing well and working in unity with my awesome companion. I´m so grateful for a mexican companion right now because my spanish is improving much faster with him. There are lots of phrases that don´t translate directly to english that I am picking up. More importantly, we are obedient and teaching inspired lessons. 

Thanks for all the support and prayers

Elder Leslie

IMG 126 ¡Elder Aguilar!
IMG 127 well hey there. just strolling through the jungle
IMG 128 tortillas with every meal!
IMG 131 I like churros

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