Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, March 21, 2011

Week #29

Well, I am 20 now. On wednesday we ate delicious green tacos (upon my request), flan, and a little cake just for me. My birthday was great because some of the members came up to me and wished me a happy birthday and the whole day I felt really driven to work.
Today was a multizone conference and we were all very edified by President and Sister Velasco. I took great notes and have more desires to the Lord´s work and be exactly obedient. After the conference, I got 2 packages and a bunch of letters as usual! haha Thank you so much everyone for all the support and encouraging words. They really do help me have work for the people here in Tuxtla Chico. I still haven´t had a chance to read the letters yet, but in my packages I got a bunch of food, speakers for my CD player (NICE!), cologne (hopefully the people will be more receptive haha), and missionary music!
This Saturday Andres and Angel went to Guatemala and bought us 18 ties. 9 each! haha They are awesome and I am REALLY excited for Angel´s baptism this Saturday at 10am. Stop by if you´re in the area....
We have three other children of God (Aurelio, Joana, and Hugo) with baptism dates for April 9th and of course this gives memuch joy. I feel blessed to know these people and to see them grow towards our Heavenly Father. However, today starts a new week and we press on to find more of God´s children ready to hear our glad message.
Thanks for all your prayers, love, and support!
Elder Leslie

Tacos Verdes!


This hug was mother requested

2-0 twenty

Tuxtla Chico Original. A delicious blend for your hot milk. hot chocolate!

huge ant


                                  fun holy ghost activity we played during the second hour of church.

                                                      Packages I got today!

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