Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week #26

Well hey guess what. Thursday we had Zone Conference with President Velasco and that means packages and letters! Don´t worry it means other things too like: I learned a lot and took good notes from President and Sister Velasco, we practiced teaching, got to see other elders from the zone. Also, FYI the President told us that we can only e-mail immediate family (parents and siblings) and that we can only write for 45-60 minutes. That means some of you won´t receive my general e-mails anymore, but they will still go up on that blog thing (Thanks Rachel!).  Yes, I was very edified during zone conference....but afterwards I got 3 packages and at least 17 letters! Thank you so much everyone! I got Christmas, New Years, and Birthday cards! I would like to give a special thanks to the Gig Harbor Singles Ward and the Wollochet Ward High Priest group for their Christmas cards because it was unexpected and very nice. I received a couple great ties, tons of food (couple jars of nutella and some peanut butter....nice), CD player, music (amazing CD from Grandparents called Thirty Hymns for Missionaries....love it), awesome calendar from my sister and much more. Wow. I didn´t expect or ask for all these great letters, but thanks so much. They leave me more desires to serve.
What´s new in Tuxtla Chico? We have been teaching this man Andres and his son Angel and they are really awesome! Actually, the whole family is interested, but Andres (father) understands and remembers everything we teach and likes going to church. Yesterday, he told us that for some reason Angel (17 year old son) didn´t want to go, but talked him into going and afterward they felt like they had a great day. During the second hour of church we watched the Restoration video and afterward we asked everyone to comment on what they liked. This other investigator Brenda was skeptical of the whole idea of Joseph Smith and said things like his name isn´t in the Bible. I wasn´t sure what to say because all the other investigors felt the spirit and said it was ``powerful´´  said they really liked it. I was about bear my sure testimony but Andres beat me to it. He defended Joseph Smith and starting explaining how he was a prophet and that there was an apostasty. It was pretty awesome. Andres always asks really great questions in our lessons and when his sons or wife has a question he usually jumps right in and explains it. Tonight we are going to teach them with our new mission leader (Jose Angel who just got back from his mission) and invite them to baptism. The only problem is that Andres needs to get legally married first and I think he might need to divorce first. Usual problem here in Mexico but I pray that Andres will want Eternal Happiness bad enough to do something about it. We´ll see. 
We are also teaching a really old man named Aurelio. I mean like 90s old. He understands everything and even asked us ``you mean if I´m not mormon it´s all in vain´´. I almost said yes, but that´s not entirely true because he has learned a lot about Christ in his other church. However, yes we have the same priesthood authority and Church that Jesus Christ established on the Earth before the apostasy. He can´t walk very well, but I have high hopes for him. Mainly because one time we almost invited him again to be baptized but my companion felt strongly impressed not to. I take that to mean Aurelio needs more time ponder and pray.
Raquel is still going to church eventhough her father won´t let her get baptized. She is very strong and faithful and I pray everyday that her fathers heart will soften.
Well that´s about it this week. Back to work.
Thanks for all your cares ands prayers (you know you liked that little rymhe.....i think i have forgotten how to spell ryhme) 
Elder Leslie
no photos this week. deal with it.

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