Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week #27


So guess what? Transfers are today and I´m going to..... stay here in Tuxtla Chico with Elder Aguilar! :-) I´m excited to keep working with Elder Aguilar because he´s a great companion and we currently have some potential baptisms within the next few weeks. The town of Tuxtla Chico is fairly small so I would´ve liked a change of scenary, but who cares when it´s the will of the Lord right? haha Today makes 3 months here and after this next transfer it will make 4 1/2 months.

We are still visiting Andres, Angel, and Irvin but they still aren´t sure about baptism. They told us the last visit that they would pray about the 26th and Irvin actually prayed about the ``26 of March´´ in the closing prayer. We still don´t know why they didn´t make it to church yesterday but we are going to pass by tonight and see what happened. We stopped by yesterday after church but no one was home. They are reading the Book of Mormon and praying so I definitely say they will get baptized in this extra transfer!

Aurelio is really old and needs more time to understand I think. We ask him about baptism but he tells he needs to keep praying about it. He really likes church though! 

Yesterday, we taught a lesson with an awesome kid named Hugo! He´s 18 and really excited and interested to learn more. We invited him to be baptized this 26th of March and he said ``Yes´´. This week we are going to talk more with him and help him in every way we can to achieve eternal happiness.

These are our best right now and we will hope, pray, and work to find more this week!

Thanks so much for the support and prayers. I know this church is true and that without baptism in this Christ´s church (with someone possesing authority from God) one cannot return to live with God again. 


Elder Leslie

ps  here are a bunch of photos to make up for last week. 

IMG_3324  hi
IMG_3325  Elder Aguilar´s 7th month cake!
IMG_3326  actually when some bites into the cake it is a tradicion to smash their face in. ( found that out the messy way)
IMG_3327 fear in my eyes
IMG_3331 yum
IMG_3339 FOOD!
IMG_3345 (picture of Angel) We gifted Andres ties for his birthday and then have tie tying lessons afterward
IMG_3346 haha Andres (left), Angel (middle), Jose Angel--our ward mission leader (right). 
IMG_3347 package from mother
IMG_3349 The District 
IMG_3350 fixing my bag
IMG_3352 yo
IMG_3356 chicken tree...

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