Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, March 14, 2011

Week #28

I´m doing great! This morning we played soccer for a couple hours and yes; it was scorching hot. I don´t ever use the phrase scorching hot, but here i feel it is appropriate. My companion, Jose Angel (ward mission leader), Andres, Angel, Irvin, and two of Jose Angel´s cousins, and I all played. It´s always really fun to play on the soccer court. Basically basketball court but with soccer goals and fence behind it. We had tons fun and made quesadillas afterwards. Mexicans, by default, are really good at soccer.
We are still working hard and trying to find those people ready and willing to accept this glad message. We are teaching some pretty great people right now and I want them to have the joy I have! I´m teaching a lot more during lessons and expressing my love for the gospel with them. Spanish still doesn´t allow me to express myself clearly just yet, but I´m very thankful that the language hasn´t been too big of an obstacle. 
We press on this week with desires to serve! 
Elder Leslie
Here are some pictures for you. enjoy.
IMG_3406 I found the Astro Van!
IMG_3398 riding in a the back of a truck from stakeconference with little kids. 

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