Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week #23

To whom this may concern:

I´m still doing well here in Tuxtla Chico and Elder Aguilar are working hard. This week we didn´t teach as many lessons but we visited eight less-active members. We shared scriptures about keeping the Sabbath Day holy  (Moroni 6), The Sacrament (3 Nephi 18), and remembering the baptismal convenants that they have made (any scripture on baptism). All of them said that they would be able to make to church, but of course come Sunday they are too busy for their own salvation. However, I was really happy to see that one less active member that we visited made it to church. It was so great to see that as we pray and work hard and are obedient we can make a difference. We will continue working with less active members because there are a lot. 

Raquel still attends church every Sunday, eventhough she isn´t allowed to be baptized. She continues to faithfully read the Book of Mormon and this last Sunday she even fasted! There is some sort of dance activity where the youth can participate and learn cultural dances this summer and Raquel told us she wants to do it! She is really great and I keep praying that her Father will let her make her own decision. 

I don´t have much else to say because this week we are really praying that we can find some people who really truly have desires to follow the example of Jesus Christ and join this wonderfully true church. I know it´s true and I really hope we can find someone like Raquel this week. 

Much love 

Elder Leslie

IMG 135 He broke it....
IMG 136 Yeah! Elder Aguilar.
IMG 142 Monday the 1st of February I officially completed 5 months..... haha
IMG 148 the street. 
IMG 151 Some sort of colored sawdust tradition in the streets...for the virgin mary. 
IMG 152 more
IMG 165 Entrance to Raquel´s house... 

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