Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, June 13, 2011

Week #35

To Whom This May concern:
We are doing great here in San Pedro Tapanatepec! Saturday we baptized two really old children of God named Marcelino and Concepcion (Gabriel´s Grandma). It was a very sprititual experience but no so much powerful or overwhelming. During the baptismal service I simply felt a wonderful feeling of peace. These types of feelings that come from the Holy Ghost can be hard to notice, but reflecting back I cannot recall having a single concern in the world. (other helping Gabriel with the wording found in D&C 20:73).  I cant remember if i told you about Gabriel yet but he is a miracle. Apparently he used to be a famous drunk and drug addict here in Tapana, but in February he decided to change his life and got baptized. He now has the aaronic priesthood and performed the sacred ordainance of baptism for the first time. Just his membership and attendance every Sunday is converting and amazing investigators. We brought one lady named Gloria to church and she was astounded to see him up there blessing the sacrament. ´`Ive seen him somewhere she told us´´ quickly after it dawned on her... from the streets stumbling overhimselft and shouting profainity. If you dont believe this gospel changes lives... get overyourself and believe it. haha. This church is true and has power and authortiy from our Heavenly Father to baptize so that we can return to His presence. There are only two churches in this world: the church of Jesus Christ and the church not of Jesus Christ. If you are reading this and don´t know which, out of all the churches in the world, is the true chuch of Christ.... pray to your Father in Heaven (God) to know. I promise you he will answer. 
All is well here. Im washing my clothes by hand, teaching with more love and knowledge of the scriptures, and this friday we have another baptism scheduled. Keep praying for and working with the missionaries in your area!
Elder Leslie

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