Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, June 20, 2011

Week #40

Hello everyone,
Elder Diaz and I are getting along great here in San Pedro Tapanatepec and having a lot of success. My companion talks and talks and talks and looking back on these 7 weeks together it has been such a blessing because my spanish has improved evenmore!
We have a baptism planned for this Saturday for Mario and we are teaching a frew really special investigators. One couple we just barely met saturday is actually married! what? yeah that´s right, people that live together and are legally married. When they said that I felt the spririt telling me... thats they are special and will be very accepting. They are a newly wed and have a baby on the way. We see them tonight and i hope it goes great!
Sorry I want to write more but we barely are given any time to write and these computers are slow. But just know that our new ward mission leader gabriel is doing awesome and that we are working hard. I know that because of my obedience and desire to save souls (mosiah 28:3) we are guided by the spirit. Long story short Saturday a lot of things happened that couldn´t have just been coincidence. That whole I felt like we were walking exactly where the lord had planned eventhough it didnt match our plans. 
Love you all
Elder Leslie
enjoy the pictures 

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