Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, June 13, 2011

Week #36

I´ll be brief this week. We baptized a 12 year old kid named Hilario and he received the Gift of The Holy Ghost on Sunday and Im very happy for him! I just pray that he can continue faithful and one day serve a mission.
Thanks for all your prayers to help us find someone new this week because we found an awesome investigator named Mario who went to church yesterday and after church taught a great lesson with a girl named Anayeli. They both have baptismal dates set!
It was great to hear from all they family and I´m glad I could talk to my mother on Mothers Day!  ( in case you´re curious mothers day in mexico is the 10th of May.) I miss and love my family so much and know the fastest way to see them again is to focus and keeping working hard.
Keep praying for us and helping the missionaries in your area!
Elder Leslie

Pictures include:
Baptism of Hilario and
Breakfast I made one morning haha


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