Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, June 20, 2011

Week #42

Dear reader,
  We´re not doin too bad here in Tapana. None of our investiagors with baptismal dates went to church but I still have faith in them to excersise and make the right decision next week. Right now we have 4 with a baptimal date the 2nd of July and I´m really excited for them! (I´m even more excited because there is spanish/english remixes bumping from a computer nearby and I secretely am loving it. When I get back im going to get some much spanish music!....obviously that includes Shakira. haha)  Anyways... We gonna work even harder this week to teach with power and clarity so that our investigators understand the importance of going to church. It´s a commandment that brings so many rich blessings. Trust us missionaries, we know.
  It´s a bit sad, but yes President Velasco heads out this week. He was awesome and I will miss his wife´s strong personality. She always motivated me and told me I have so much potential. Each week I feel stronger and I will never stop growing. One day, I will summit the mountain of my potential and launch off into heaven, hand-in-hand with my eternal companion. Just thinking about all this makes me want to be a strong and reliable tool in my Heavenly Father´s hands. Day by day, I keep studying, understanding, teaching, and putting into practice all the doctrine of Christ and only want to do His will.
Elder Leslie
IMG_3947, 3948, 3950 - A listen to the Holy Ghost while blindfolded activity. haha That´s Gabriel and to give his talk haha.
Other pics of scenary, gecko, and Pres. and Sis Velasco.
MMTG_01 - The entire Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission. I´m in the back right with a yellow/black tie.

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