Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, June 20, 2011

Week #41

Hello everyone,

Today we had a multi-zone conference and it was the very last with our powerful President and Sister Velasco.  I sure will miss them both (especially Sister Velasco´s strong personality haha) and am extremely grateful for everything they have down for me personally and for the whole mission Tuxtla Gutierrez. In July, we are privileged to be receiveing President Juan Gabriel Cardenas in his place. It´s sad to see them go, but exciting to see what new ideas President Cardenas will bring. 

What am I bringing to Tapana? Well, Saturday Mario got baptized! It was a very special day for him and I felt a very special spirit as I had the opportunity to baptize him and confer him the Aaronic Priesthood in the office of Priest the following day. Kinda of a sad turn out though... we had 3 members and 4 investigators. 1 member was a kid we brought with us and the 4 investigators we invited... so yeah Tapana needs the missionaries, but with a super ward mission leader, Gabriel, we are having a noticeable increased measure of success. For example, yesterday we had 52 people attend church! That is a great turn out and if we can achieve 70 they will build a church here! I keep working and keep ing praying that the people here will make their own correct decisions and follow Christ. We can only invite them to come unto Christ, but ultimately it´s their choice to accept the invitation and follow Him. I think that´s why serving a mission (and other callings in the church) can bring so much joy... because we get to see children of God taking the initiative to achieve salvation. 

We have 3 new investigators with baptismal dates: Pedro, Oscar, and Jose.  Pray for them to follow the spirit and choose the right. All three will be a great help in this branch! 

Well, just know that we´re doing great and working hard. I´m happy for the opportunity I have to suffer in this heat, so that my Heavenly Father can build me into the man of my potential. I cannot and will not be the young kid you knew and loved before the mission. I will return stronger only to continue growing. I will keep progressing my whole life because there is so much to learn and only so many years in this life to learn it. I love my Heavenly Father and will one day return to live with him again. 


Elder Leslie

IMG_3915 beautiful
IMG_3918 delicious!
IMG_3921 Mario Alberto Alvarez Martinez´s Baptism!
IMG_3923 Gabriel directing the baptismal service
IMG_3925 the baptismal font and Gabriel
IMG_3927 Elder Sanchez is from the North and pretty awesome 
IMG_3928 Elder Diaz with the president and his wife
IMG_3929 Goodbye Pres. and Sis Velasco!
IMG_3932 Elder Ingersoll, me, Elder Sanchez (Elder Ingersol lived in my house in Tapachula)
IMG_3934 Zone of Chahuites
IMG_3943 hahaha Elders Mora and Ortiz eating cookies on the bus...pretty funny together

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