Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, June 13, 2011

Week #39

To whom this may concern:
Hey everyone! I´m doing great here in Tapana and just recently received information on our transfers! Ready....well ya okay I kinda gave it away by saying I´m doing great here in Tapana. Elder Diaz have the opportunity to work side-by-side another six weeks more. Pray for us to work harder this transfer and receive much revelation from the spririt.
That hasn´t changed but we have an excited change here in the ward regarding the missionary work.... remember the recent convert Gabriel? The one who was baptized in the end of february? Well, I am proud to announce to you all our new ward mission leader! He is already asking how our investigators are doing and when we are going to visit them and he was to paint the baptismal font (made of brick and outside) here! He is so excited and willing to help us! Because this branch is still growing in numbers we actually never had an official ward mission leader... and we have teh most faithful member in the ward.
We have two new investigators with baptismal dates, but didn´t make it to church.... pray for them to make it this week and to continue finding the truth through sincere prayer. Other than that we have Mario ready to be baptized this 10th of June. This week we press forward feeding his sheep and looking for those chosen and prepared to hear this glad message!
Take care and help out the missionaries in your area!
Love ya
Elder Leslie


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