Elder Brandon Leslie

Elder Brandon Leslie

Monday, June 13, 2011

Week #38

Hey everyone,
Basically this week we had two awesome conferences with the mission president and pumped to keep working and finding those children of God ready to hear this message and change. I have D&C 112:14 (i think thats right) stuck in my head... ``feed my sheep´´. This area is full of hungry sheep and i´m gonna feed `em! haha.
Here a  bunch of pictures for your enjoyment. I´m loving the packages and letters I got! Want to hear something crazy? Apparently Ben Gilmore is married... thats not that crazy, but what really took me for a huge surprise was that an Elder named Elder Millan in our zone got the wedding announcement. Small world, I guess Elder Gilmore served in his ward or something. haha
The highlights of this week are that we are reactivating some less active kids of about 13 and 15. It was great to see them at church all smiles and remembering what they left behind. Also, we are working with the non member parents of some teenager members and I sure hope they came make it to church this week. 
Well, that´s about it. I´m doing well and putting my trust in my Heavenly Father. 
Elder Leslie 

ps  dont worry i dont plan on chasing any deer down. I´ve heard it´s a quick way to end the mission early.... haha triste chase. haha

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